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Remote access and control

PLC progammer at work
PLC progammer at work
Central Controls ltd can develop custom web-based control screens allowing staff to monitor - or even control - production systems from remote sites, or even from different countries.

A typical use is to enable senior engineers or managers to monitor machines - or entire production facilities - from a distant central headquarters. This can be used for gathering productivity data, monitoring throughput, and remote diagnosis - and even rectification - of problems or breakdowns. It can also assist engineers in diagnosing future potential problems and planning preventative maintenance to forestall production outages.

Remote linkages can be established with either dedicated 3G modules, or over an existing corporate data network using cables or Wi-Fi, or using private "virtual circuits” over the Internet. (or a combination). These can link to desktop computers, mobile tablets, or even mobile phones.

CCL can work with you to specify, install and configure the equipment necessary to make secure remote access possible, and then create HMI control panel layouts, featuring varying privlidge and access levels. This ensures that only authorised staff can view/control differing aspects of the system, and are only presented with the information relevant to their tasks.

Remote Support

Utilising the above techniques, Central Controls Ltd can also offer remote/Offsite support, diagnosis, and development on a rolling contract and at very competitive rates.

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