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Industrial Automation and Electrical Control Panels

Central Controls Ltd are a designer and manufacturer of industrial electrical control panels. From simple start/stop boxes, to complex distributed and multi-cabinet systems incorporating PLC automation and touch-screen interfaces, we can help you realise your production automation targets.

Welcome to Central Controls

Control Panels PLC programming HMI (human machine interface)
Remote Monitoring Safety Systems
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Control Panels

Central Controls can build panels from small to large, and from simple start/stop to complex automation and even SCADA integration. We use high-quality Siemens components throughout.

PLC programming

Our in-house team of PLC programmers can help you analyse your workflow, and to produce PLC programs that implement that workflow. This includes instrumentation, monitoring and safety systems.

HMI (human machine interface)

A pretensious jargon term for the layout of controls on a panel; the term has come to mean a glass "virtual" panel (or possibly a display on a PC screen) with context-sensitive "virtual" buttons, knobs, dials and other instruments. CCL can design and program such displays to meet your production requirements.

Remote Access

From distant "repeater" panels to fully integrated distributed controls, to SCADA integration and even remote-access over the internet, we can arrange for you to be able to monitor and control your production process from a distance.

Safety Systems

We can provide a wide range of interlocking and safety cut-out features. From the humble 'red mushroom' emergency stop, to pull cords, to laser curtains, to advanced biometrics.

Central Controls Ltd manufacturs industrial electrical control panels for use on motors, pumps, and any electrical equipment. These can incorporate complex automation and instrumentation; from simple status lights to integrated programmable LCD multifunction display panels.

A CCL control panel can include PLC's for more complex automation. We tend to favour Siemens PLC's, but can work with Alan Bradwell, Hitashi or Mistubishe PLC's if you prefer. Our programming service is entirely in-house, and includes functional-block design as well as final programming.

In addition to PLC's, we can also offer HMI (human-machine-interface) design and implementation, either on dedicated LCD panels, or via the web over a company intranet or SCADA network.

Our control panels can incorporate sophisticated safety management and interlock features.

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