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HMI control panel programming

A HMI control screen
A HMI control screen

Central Controls has the programming expertise to supply, configure and program effective and user-friendly HMI control screens for your industrial and production applications.

Our programers can work alongside you to produce a bespoke panel tailored precisely to YOUR requirement, with the minimum of unnecessary or distracting on-screen clutter.

Tailored approach.
Mimic screens
Access Control and Data logging.
PC-based or Standalone touch-screens.

HMI Programming

Although the term ‘HMI’ (Human Machine Interface) technically refers to any layout of control switches, buttons etc, in modern usage it has come to refer to a range of touch-screen display panels that can be programmed to produce a “virtual” control panel. Such a panel can save space, as it can switch between multiple “sub-menus” to control a vast array of different machines or devices, as well as offering complex behavior. (one “button” can trigger a complicated sequence of events, involving multiple machines, sensors etc). It also offers the option of user-selected multilingual display, as well as password-protected “maintenance-mode” or “supervisory” functions.

Tailored approach

Whilst Central Controls can operate ‘at a distance’, using your supplied layout plans or drawings, we are also happy to work side-by-side with you to ensure that the screen layouts truly match your production processes.

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Mimic Screens

One popular layout scheme is the ‘mimic screen’, in which the display mimics a CAD drawing – or photographs – of the machinery to be controlled, with control icons (or menus) overlaid on the image of the individual machines.

Staff often find this enables them to understand the function of each ‘virtual button’ at an instinctive level. This has benefits in both simplifying staff training, and reducing the possibility of operator error.

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Access Control and Data Logging

CCL can program the HMI screens to require authentication; either through a simple PIN, or biometrics such as fingerprint, eye-scanner, or proximity tags sewn into safety clothing etc. This allows different levels of staff to have access to different levels of control; preventing junior or unauthorised staff from accessing certain functions.

Our HMI systems can also offer data-logging; allowing supervisory staff to view a record of who pressed which button when. This can be useful for training, or for forensic investigation in the event of an accident or breakdown.

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PC-based vs. Standalone Panels

Factory-floor HMI panels are usually standalone dedicated touch-screen panels, usually integrated into a production machine, or into an operator control station. However, it is sometimes desirable to access specific information (such as temperatures, throughput etcetera) from an office desktop PC. Central Controls Ltd can provide a mixture of both types of system, allowing supervisory or management staff to monitor key performance data on factory-floor systems from their office.

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